Testimonials for Football-Defense.com

The book is really good. I would probably spend some more time on the cover 2 version of the 4-2-5 versus the spread. I really found the personnel part of the book really good. Especially the strong and weak safety along with their roles in the defense. In my opinion they are the key to the defense. If not it's a regular 4-4-cover 3 defense. Great Job Coach.

John L. Wortham IV
Trotwood Madison High School (OH)

We are changing over to the 4-2-5 Defense this season. I bought your eBook in hopes to eliminate a bunch of coverages! I am a KISS kind of coach. Every detail was hit upon, from type of player to the technique of each position. Excellent.

Joseph Lightfield
Lincoln High School (IN)

Have to say, I've bought everything you have put out (including Running in the Spread Offense) - it's all gold and thank you very much for providing it.

Rory O'Keeffe

First off congrats on a great site and the first of hopefully many webinars. I really enjoyed talking defense with some very knowledgable coaches, including yourself, of course.

Brad Smith

Just wanted to say I thought the webinar was great. If there is ever anything you need from down here in Texas, let me know. Thanks again for all you do.

Tim Sedar

I recently purchased basically all of your articles and podcasts on-line and they have been great. I am doing my homework getting ready to start my coaching career so this has been very helpful.

John Petz

I got your 4-3 book, Love it!

Jon Franks
Lebanon Football

I purchased your 4-2-5 ebook as sort of a start up for what I'll be installing next season. I enjoyed what I got from that ebook.

Keith Mora
Defensive Coordinator, Wright State University

Thanks for the rapid response and sending me the link. I was able to access and purchase the spread videos.
I am excited to get to work and study these. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this website and I look forward to viewing your next projects.

Pete Yurish
Defensive Coordinator, Boonsboro High School

I am an assistant defensive coach in a local team here in Italy. We are trying to install the 4-2-5 for the first time this year and I have been researching the internet for information.
I have found your football-defense.com website and after reading some of your posts I have decided to buy your book, which I find extremely comprehensive and packed of valuable information.

Sergio Viotti

I am impressed with the book. I'm glad I bought the book and would recommend it to anyone.

Brent Wilcoxon

The material is very good. I have spent time with several college coaches on the 4-2-5 and this is way more detailed than what we got from them. Thanks. Our staff will definitely put it to good use. When you visit with a college staff you talk specifics, not usually nuts and bolts. You have done a great job with the nuts and bolts. Thanks.

Donnie Kiefer
Central Cabarrus (NC)

Loved the book! Read it 3 times already, we run the 4-3 this inspired me. We went 10-1 last season losing in Pro-Minor east coast championship.

TJ Cavaliero

Thank you for the fast service and thank you for the great communication. BTW great stuff on your site I have been doing this 25 years and you ability to provide the documents in a timely manner is killer

Thomas Spadafore

Love your site. It's nice seeing people out there that are as into it as I am. I currently have your 4-3 over book and your zone blitz book and they have been a huge help for our 4-3 defense. Using some of your concepts helped us to reach our state title game in only our second year as a varsity team.

Jack Byrne

I've purchased your 4-3 over and 4-2-5 scheme and have implemented all of them,as well as you linebacker manual... I love all your defensive playbooks.

James Wilson