Stop Over-Thinking Multiple Front Defenses!

Stack Weak Dime FoxWe get into huge arguments about defensive fronts. Ridiculous arguments.

You can’t stop [insert offensive style, formation, play] in the [insert defensive front].

It’s pretty ridiculous when you sit down and think about it. Good defense is good defense.

Alignments just put our players in the best position for success. And that’s all those numbers really mean – alignment.

Your actual defensive scheme is based on your teaching. Who has what, when this happens.

That’s why we use the term Align to Perform so much. Study tendency, know what they want to do, and put yourself where you need to be.

I’m not talking about studying every single tendency. I’m talking about the big one’s. Best plays. Favorite formations. Key downs.

Who are they?

I just want our guys to know our opponent. Know their identity. Everyone has one.

It might be a particular play. A formation. Often, it’s just a player.

Align to stop that guy.

The video clip below shows how we can incorporate the 3-3-5 Defense into a Base 4-3 Defense. It’s just not that hard.

Your kids have to understand your defense. They may have to learn some new techniques. You have to know that you have enough time and that the change is worth it.

But beyond that, anyone can run Multiple Front Defenses.

I’m not recommending it, nor am I recommending against it. It all depends on your personality, what your kids can handle, what your coaches can handle.

You have to make that decision just like you’d decide on any change in your defense.

But if you really want to do it… if you really think it will help… go for it.

And stop posting on my Facebook page that one defense is better than the other. You sound ignorant.

  • michael scott

    I believe you can play any defense you want as long as you teach concepts to your kids. Concepts help your kids to understand the purpose and goals of playing defense. Whatever way you look at it one team must have at least one more point than the other to obtain success.