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Installing Football’s 4-3 Over Defensive Front gives a complete installation of the 4-3 Defense. The base defense is a 7 man front, also known as the Miami 4-3 Defense.

Coaching Football’s 4-2-5 Defense is a complete 8 man front defense, including multiple coverage packages. This is a simple defense that can be installed quickly, so that your players can play fast without confusion, and you can focus practice time on what wins games – fundamentals.

Dominating Football Defense with the Zone Blitz will help you spice up your defensive play calling with the aggressiveness of 5-man pressures, but he safety of zone coverage. Includes complete technique descriptions, blitz design, game planning to blitz, and over 100 blitz diagrams from multiple fronts.

Defensive Installation Manual guides you through the process of changing your defense. This package includes the Defensive Installation Manual eBook, plus Audio Guide mp3 and Choosing Your Defense checklist. Not sure what your team should be running? Save yourself the time of buying book after book, and pin point the right defense for you with this first.

Position Perfection: The Linebacker Manual is a collection of previous articles on Linebacker Play. This is a step by step guide on how to get your Linebackers to play fast and be the leaders of your defense on the field.

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The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense takes you through every detail of shutting down the Spread. Understand why the Offense is in the Spread, fit the run, defend the pass, and keep them out of the end zone. This series is over 3 hours of streaming video.

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Coaching Football’s 4-3 Defense by Tim Simons gives you everything you need to run the 4-3 Defense at any level. This is the book I first used when installing the 4-3 Defense.

Coaching Football’s 46 Defense by Rex Ryan and Jeff Walker. I do not run the 46 Defense and have no intention of doing so, but I learned a lot about defensive football and in particular defensive line play from this book. Rex Ryan may be a jerk, but he’s also a genius.

Coaching the 3-5-3 Defense from Thomas Cousins is probably the most commonly purchased book by Football-Defense readers. I recommend it because it is complete and simple. You could run this defense successfully at any level. Goes well with the Georgia Military College 3-5-3 videos, too.


Ultimate Strength & Conditioning features articles from Jim Kielbaso and other top Strength & Conditioning experts to help you train your players the right way. This is a membership site (I’m a member), like, and offers a 7 Day Free Trial so you can poke around. Lots of great stuff on in-season training, off-season training, technique, program design and more. by Michael Boyle, a fantastic resource if you are involved in your program’s strength and conditioning.  The site is geared toward professional strength coaches.  Just a huge source of up-to-the-minute information on strength, conditioning, speed, agility, injury prevention and recovery.  Football-specific information as sport-specific info for most other sports. I’m also a member on this site.


Quarters Coverage Made Simple by Shap Boyd. All of my Quarters stuff is stolen from this. Just like it says, simple – and complete.

Encyclopedia of the 3-5-3 Defense from Georgia Military College. Buy the whole pack or individual pieces. I have most of them, but start with Basics of the 3-5-3 if you want to get your feet wet. The defense you see in the 3-5-3 Video Playbook series comes from these.

4-2-5 Defense by Neal Neathery, the most well put together 4-2-5 Defense series so far. This is a defense that is lacking in quality videos. I have not seen the entire series, but heard good things about the other two videos.

Defensive Back Play From A-Z by Nick Rapone, another amazing value with 6 DVDs in one set. Rapone breaks down the position beautifully with drills, techniques, etc. No matter what coverage you run, you can learn a lot from this one.

Strength & Conditioning

Explosive Lifting for Sports by Harvey Newton. I’m partial because Harvey Newton was my instructor for my USA Weightlifting Certification course, but he knows what he is doing. Great book on building a program for any sport.

5-3-1 for Football: The Physical Development of a Hostile Team (Ebook) by Jim Wendler is a downloadable eBook on football training using the Wendler 5/3/1 Method for power lifting. I would recommend picking up the original book as well.

Total Football Training with Duane Carlisle is a comprehensive Strength, Speed and Conditioning set.  Goes deeper into information on aspects like recovery, over-training, flexibility, and other issues that we may not pay attention to as amateur strength coaches.  Coach Carlisle may not be exciting in this series, but I learned a ton from it.