Whether you want to call it the 3-5 Defense, 3-3-5 Defense, Odd Stack, or even the 5-3 Defense, it really is all the same. Get a good Nose Guard, Middle Backer, and Free Safety, and you have yourself a stout defense.

The thrill of the 3-5-3 Defense is how complex your defense can look, while still being really simple for your players. Check out Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense eBook for a complete guide to running the Odd Stack Defense.

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These 3-5-3 Defense Articles are free to all visitors. A good starting point for the 3-3-5, 3-5-3 or 5-3 Defense is reading 10 Reasons to Run the 3-5 Defense.


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Insider Members get access to the complete library of 3-5-3, 3-3-5 and 5-3 Defense articles. Read Creating Fronts in the 3-5-3 Defense to get my basic philosophy on the defense. When you’re reading to go deeper, the Web Clinics will help you. If you’re not a member, you can get access to everything by starting your 14 Day Free Trial now.

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