4 Formations Your Offense Should Be Using

Offensive Football has expanded so much in the last 20 years. Every one used to start every play with a snap from under center. If you were in shot gun, you were a mad scientist.

Now almost everyone has shotgun or pistol alignments. We use 1 back, 2 backs, 3 backs and no back formations. We can do it all.

While most offensive playbooks I have looked at were bloated with plays, very few have ever had too many formations. After all, formations are cheap.

You can run the same 4 plays out of 40 different formations. You’ll cause more confusion for the defense, while creating a lot less confusion for your offense!

Here are 4 formations that can be used in any offensive playbook…

1. Empty Formations

Everyone should get into an Empty formation at least once a game. If nothing else, you want to see what the defense will do.

Empty Formation

No back formations cause most defenses to do something out of the ordinary. You may get a favorable look for Quarterback run plays. They may even leave one of your receivers uncovered in the confusion.

But you have to line up in it to find out!

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