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Installing the 4-3 Defense Over Front Book

The 4-3 Defense is the most popular defense in Football today.  College and NFL Teams have been using it for years.

Why are more High School, Middle School and Youth coaches not using it?  They do not know how! But I have written a book that will teach youThis is not the theory, this is how I have run the this defense, in complete detail.

If you are ready to run a tough, adaptable defensive system, this is the place to start.

Coaching football just keeps getting tougher.  Offenses are more complex than ever.  We have to adapt to tons of different looks.

The 4-3 Defense lets you adapt to anything, but keep attacking.


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Why Should You Run the 4-3?

  • Great run-stopping front, with the ability to get 9 men in the box
  • Get your speed on the field! Only 1 true Defensive Lineman needed.
  • Fly around and have fun! The rules of the 4-3 adapt to any offensive formation – no need for major adjustments.
  • Use of 2 Safeties lets you play the pass more effectively and disguise coverages.
  • Designed to defeat option football. Option rules are ingrained in the defense.
  • Simple for players and coaches to understand, hard for your opponent to figure you out!

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There are a ton of defensive systems out there.  Let me tell you, all defensive schemes work.  But they only work if you know them inside and out.

You can research your tail off, or you can get Installing Football’s 4-3 Over Defensive Front.  You will be an expert in no time.

What Does Installing Football’s 4-3 Over Defensive Front Teach you?

  • What type of player you want to fill each position.
  • Alignment and Assignment of each position in total detail!
  • How we make our play calls
  • In depth description of run fits – know how everyone fits in to stifle the offense!
  • How to coach up the Defensive Line and Linebackers to create a dominating unit!
  • Quarters Coverage Package to shut down the opponent’s passing game.
  • How to effectively use the Zone Blitz to confuse and frustrate the offense!

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What are Other Coaches Saying About It?

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Lots of coaches have already picked up Installing Football’s 4-3 Over Defensive Front and implemented parts or the entire system.  It really is a complete resource!

“I really enjoyed your book. I have been running the 4-3 Quarters defense for

about 13 years now. I’ve never really thought about playing my WLB’er

the way you describe…I’m gonna give that a lot of thought.” — Kenny


“Just finished the book. Easy to follow with lots of valuable information.

As I read, I couldn’t help but think you should create a video to compliment

the book. I’m sure you’ve been told this already. I would definitely buy it.” — Leonard

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I feel extremely confident about the value I am offering you with this package.

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